Complete RPG Maker MZ
Create and Publish for PC and Mobile

Complete RPG Maker MZ </br>Create and Publish for PC and Mobile

What you will learn

  • Learn everything about RPG Maker MZ from beginner stuff to the most advanced features like Debug mode and Custom Tilesets.
  • Complete your own game, with your own story and make it ready for mobile devices including both Android and Apple iOS.
  • Learn about the best community made plugins to add features that will make your game more professional and different, improving Battles and Dialogues.
  • Use JavaScript to write your own plugins and make your game unique and stand out of the rest. This section requires coding, don’t worry, I will help you!
  • Create engaging puzzles that add to your story and give your players the rewarding feeling of completing a level.
  • Create Anime-Style cutscenes including Bust Graphics within dialogue texts, and simple animations without any code.
  • Create your own Heroes and Enemies, your own Maps and Levels, your own Classes and Skills. Create Items and Shops for players to trade.


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Project Description

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Learn character creation, map creation, battle systems, cutscenes, puzzles, plugins coding and deploy to PC and Mobile

Project Details

Client Udemy
Date August 01, 2021
Categories Programming, Storytelling

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